Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Scarface" Al Capone: How did he get those scars?

Is this the man who put the scars on Al Capone's face? 

This March 28, 1940, (AP) story from the Evening Independent Massillon, a newspaper published in Ohio, seems questionable to me.

Although Capone's face was permanently scarred, the article claims that Capone overlooked his own injury. 

Capone is said to have become so impressed by Frank Galluccio’s "chivalry" in attacking him that he made him a lieutenant in his criminal organization. 

The last paragraph of the article refers to the story as a gang legend. However, nowhere is Galluccio quoted as saying that he put the scars on Capone’s face. 

Below is Capone's 1932 rap sheet (courtesy NARA, San Francisco) from when he began serving his sentence for income-tax evasion at Atlanta Penitentiary.


Capone’s scars are listed in the middle of the page. All four are on the left side of his face. 
If Galluccio had been the one who "carved" the scars into Capone’s face, he would have had to attack him four times, another unlikely scenario. 
The rap sheet lists Capone's height at 5 feet, 10½ inches. His weight was 255 lbs. It would have been a tough fight for “Little Frankie.”


This later document, from when Capone was incarcerated at Alcatraz in the 1930s, shows that Capone told his doctor that his scars came from a fight when he was 15 years old. 
Could a right handed person have hit Capone in the face with a broken bottle, causing the four scars?

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