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Challenging popular Al Capone stories with documents and evidence

“History is not facts. History is a tapestry of stories woven together by who was in power at the time.”
    —Dr. Lucy Worsley, OBE, Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, United Kingdom

Have you ever watched a television show, heard a lecture, or read a book, only to later find that the information was incorrect?

It seems to me that history is often made up of stories told with little fact checking.

My name is Mark Douglas Brown. I have researched Al Capone’s federal prison records, newspaper articles, and numerous archives around the country checking the authenticity of Al Capone stories.

Because of my research I have written two books about Al Capone: “The Capone Files,” and “Capone: Life Behind Bars at Alcatraz.” Both rely on documents to tell Capone’s story.

This website uses documentation and research to look at the life and times of Al Capone.

Interested in learning more about Al Capone?

See my companion book, The Capone Files, or pick up a Bad Guys Press special-edition poster featuring Capone's authentic mug shot and rap sheet from the Alcatraz Warden's Notebook. Also available is a poster featuring Machine Gun Kelly.

For another great site, take a look at Mario Gomes's My Al Capone Museum.

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